sweet melanin
Photography exhibition,
Yosr Ben Ammar Gallery , 2023 , Tunisia.

an ode to our foremost dwelling as humans, to the skin that carries our weights and embraces our battles: The skin that we rarely celebrate its small victories and divine beauty. Bachir Tayachi, in his series of majestic and dreamy photographs, pays an homage to his muse and flaunts the depth of her features in a waltz of color and light. The photographs unveils the subtle beauty that escapes our eyes and accentuates a universal delicacy that unites us all. Beyond the flesh and through the flesh, Bachir awakens our intangible identity and heritage.

As we nowadays disconnect, discontented before our screens and virtual beauty standards, the artist seeks to stitch the gap separating us, requesting the norms blinding us and reclaim human beauty in the contemporary art scenes.

Sweet Melanin is also an echoing light in the darkness of the current political circumstances shadowing our days and spitting hate and aggression towards skins they deem unworthy. In a world where discrimination picks on an open wound, the exhibition evokes a wound through which light envelops you whole.