upcomming; solo show
     Jaou festival, 2024, Tunisia.


    Photography exhibition;
    Yosr Ben Ammar Gallery , 2023 , Tunisia.

An ode to our foremost dwelling as humans, to the skin that carries our weights and embraces our battles: The skin that we rarely celebrate its small victories and divine beauty.
Bachir Tayachi, in his series of majestic and dreamy photographs, pays an homage to his muse Mabrouka Faff .the depth of her features in a waltz of color and light. The photographs unveils the subtle beauty that escapes our eyes and accentuates a universal delicacy that unites us all.


     video installation (loop) ,
     Jaou festival, curated by Simon Najmi 2022, Tunisia.

An immersive interactive installation about the art of seeing and experiencing . The piece departs from the notion of “fiction”, a powerful means by which to challenge our mind and the inner and subjective approach to time and space. Through projection, interactivity,live streaming and sound

  video installation ,
  Jaou festival , 32 bis 2022 , Tunisia
Anesthesia evokes the temporary loss of sensations or awareness, the Moating moment we sometimes    experience when, racing stupor, pain or exaltation, the mind escapes the body. In front of the floating bodies of six characters displayed on three screens, a voice counts, In the wait for a return to the sensory world.

︎The wait

     Photography exhibition
     Cape town art fair Investec, A.Gorgi gallery, 2022,  Cape town

I may say we are living in emptiness , nothing, void .
We don’t know what comes next,
When we will enjoy the midnight or a big hug from a friend 
When we will get to live again or live at all We are caged by invisible robes but we feel it.
Hooked by short clips hunting us all day to fake a smile or to believe something we are not .
It’s ironic we thin k that we own it all yet nothing is really in our hands .
Hope is caring me from my childhood
I can’t fake it anymore I am afraid and brave to say so.
The question is what comes next nothing?


︎Summer fling

     Collective photography exhibition
     A.Gorgi Gallery2021, Tunisia

  © all images are copyright Bachir Tayachi