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Little Black Sheep

Short film (12 min),  ”la mention spéciale du jury”,  Ciné ParCourt “KHATAWAT” , 2022, Tunisia.

A short fiction experimental film telling the story of the people who lives the chronic fear of their truth,  the fear that's haunting us from relieving our truth to the world.

the film tells a story of two boys/Cisgender males who lives in a small estate where each one is living the journey of discovering his sexual identity by sharing desire, sensuality and lust in a non communicative and violent relationship that comes out of fear.

Directed, filmed and edited by: Tayachi Bachir
Director assistant 1 : Firas Ben Ali
Director assistan 2 : Hatem Fhima
music : Ratchooper
Sound editor : Rami Zriba
3d artist: Ismael Laabidi
Production manager : Ameni ghimagi
Colorist :Tayachi Bachir
production: the National Center for Cinema and Image CNCI Tunisia
Cine-parcourt, with the support of Goethe institut Tunis.

Have a seat

video installation (loop) , Jaou festival, curated by Simon Najmi 2022,  Tunisia.

An immersive interactive installation about the art of seeing and experiencing .
The piece departs from the notion of “fiction”, a powerful means by which to challenge our mind and the inner and subjective approach to time and space. Through projection, interactivity,live streaming and sound.

we invite our audience to experience a visual journey onto emotional realms and thought-provoking realities. “have a seat” is a mirage, an art installation that blurs the line between true and false, merging the physical and digital worlds.

In “have a seat”, we are creating a sense of proximity with elements we are used to be surrounded by, contrasting with how differently we relate to them. We are awakening the senses as the audience watching the fire and hearing the wate

Directed, filmed and edited by: Tayachi Bachir
curateur : Simon Najmi
Director assistan  : Hatem Fhima
voice  : Paul Scheicher
production: kamel lazaar foundation


video installation , Jaou festival, curated by Camille Lévy Sarfati , 32 bis 2022 , Tunisia.

Anesthesia evokes the temporary loss of sensations or awareness, the Moating moment we sometimes experience when, racing stupor, pain or exaltation, the mind escapes the body. In front of the floating bodies of six characters displayed on three screens, a voice counts, In the wait for a return to the sensory world.


Directed, filmed and edited by: Tayachi Bachir
curateur : Camille Lévy Sarfati
production: 32 bis